Priya M. 

College Park, MD


My husband and I found this place thanks to yelp. We have had a great experience so far. Mark is very friendly and accommodating. When we pick up our dog he is always very happy.

Abi a.
Arlington, VA
[5.0 star rating]

Mark is a true dog lover. We've being using his services for the last two years when we go out of town. We take our 2 goldens to his house and we know they are in good hands. They are always happy when we go to get them and he's usually good at keeping as posted on how they are doing. here.

Ruben G.
Mount Prospect, IL
Ruben G.[5.0 star rating]

Mark is great with dogs. You can tell he really cares for animals. We came in from out of town with our two dogs. Mark was very accommodating in providing us Doggie day care for our pups while we went sightseeing . I definitely recommend his services. here.


Austin, TX
[5.0 star rating]

I used Bear and Max's Pet Services on and off for about a year while I resided in College Park and I am more than pleased with the service that was provided. Mark (or another employee) came to our house to walk my dog, an elderly Jack Russell Terrier, when I had long days at work/school. The prices were reasonable and my dog seemed less stressed on the days when she had a mid-day walk. I stopped using Bear and Max's Pet Services when I left the college park area but I highly recommend them for pet owners in the area.

Bob D.

Las Vegas, NV

5.0 star rating (Yelp)


I was in a pinch for finding someone to sit my little dog (Rococo). I had never boarded my dog before and was nervous because she is a senior (and important to me). I called seven places in College Park and DC area before finding Mark. Mark made me feel comfortable because he communicated quickly, was highly professional, and pleasant. I had lots of reservations about boarding my dog in general, but Mark addressed each and every one of those concerns with utmost clarity. 

When I dropped my dog off at his location, I was given a tour of the accommodations, he reviewed my dog's paperwork, and we worked out the arrangements quickly. What made me feel especially comfortable was the fact that Mark communicated what he does in case of emergencies, and what training he has. Throughout the stay, Mark continued to be an excellent communicator and was flexible with pickup times. 

When I picked Rococo up, she looked happy, healthy and excited to see me. I had no issues with Mark or with his service. Mainly, it's clear that he cares about animals and understands how important the responsibility is. He is also warm, responsive, and flexible when it comes to minor hiccups (he even drove back and dropped off the harness I left-at my front door, no less!) Finally, Mark is a really nice person that you enjoy talking to, and this extends beyond the dog sitting. 

If you are looking for someone who cares about animals, knows how to care for them, and knows how important your dog is to you , then I would recommend Mark. He went above and beyond, and it was extremely comforting. If I need services, I would call Mark .

5/5 stars May 21, 2015 

Mark walks our three dogs 3 to 5 weekdays each week for the past few years. He's reliable and very flexible. We often have to shift the schedule around and he just rolls with it.

Our dogs love Mark and Mark loves our dogs. That's not hyperbole, it's the truth and one of them is a German Shepherd. Anyone who knows about German Shepherds knows that they don't give it away. They make you earn it. But she warmed up to Mark almost right away. We also have a Golden Retriever and a Cattle Dog mix and they all just think Mark is the cat's pajamas. My wife and I hold Mark in as high esteem as our dogs. 
I would recommend his services to anyone.
Chris D.

5/5 stars March 14, 2015 
Mark is know as "Uncle Mark" to my two Chihuahuas. (One an service dog and the other used to be a shy little girl) He has cared for one or the other everyday while I am at work. Mark is flexible, friendly, loyal to his clients, and VERY professional. Both my dogs have benefited from spending time with Mark! Xena who was shy and timid is now playful and loving. The care I have seen him give to all of his clients astonishes me. My service dog's face lights up when he sees Mark as we stop to pick up Xena. I can't imagine life before Bear & Max's Pet Services. I have recommended Mark to my friends. Bear & Max's Pet Services is where the safe, happy and healthy dogs go!
Sondra D.

5/5 stars January 20, 2015 
Mark "babysat" our dog while we traveled. Wow--what a great experience. Mark LOVES dogs and is super enthused to be near them. Our dog had a great time and was very happy when we returned. Mark was responsive, fun, and soooo dependable. We will use him a lot as we travel.
Marie C.

5/5 stars January 6, 2015 Dog Walking
Geoffrey G.

5/5 stars November 20, 2014 
We have worked with Mark since January 2013. We are voluntary puppy raisers for a non-profit organization, so we have guidelines to follow for the pups-in-training. Mark took the time to meet with us to learn about these guidelines to keep the training consistent. He is always supportive and excited to meet the different pups that come through our house. Plus, our work schedules change from week to week, and he is incredibly flexible, accommodating, and responsive to our needs!
Shari H.

5/5 stars August 8, 2014 Dog Walking
He is always available and flexible. Seems to really care about the well-being of the dog.
Talia K.

5/5 stars July 29, 2014 Dog Walking
Mark has been a great dog-walker. He's reliable and well-priced.
Sarah K.

5/5 stars June 27, 2014 Dog Walking

Mark is great! Reliable and communicative. I am a helicopter dog-owner and Mark left me notes each day about how the walk went. He also was able to come on short notice once or twice.
Sarah C.

5/5 stars April 18, 2014 

Jody K.

5/5 stars April 1, 2014 
I work some really crazy hours and he"ll be there at a drop of a hat, and my dog loves him, iv seen him treat my dog with love and very happy with his service and great rates.
Louis A.

5/5 stars April 1, 2014
Rochel K.

5/5 stars March 14, 2014 Dog Walking
I have been a customer for just over a month now. I am very pleased with the service they have provided to me so far. The walks have been on time as scheduled and a report left for me as far as what service was provided to my dog and his behavior. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a reliable dog walking service.
Tammara S.

5/5 stars November 22, 2011 
John W.

5/5 stars April 15, 2011 
Mark has been dog sitting for our 2 dogs for several years now, and he is absolutely wonderful! My dogs love him and I never worry that they are not being well taken care of when we are away. I would definitely recommend Mark to anyone looking for quality and affordable dog care.
Karla K.

5/5 stars April 2, 2011 
Mark is an amazing dog walker. He took care of our dog during her recovery from knee surgery and we couldn't have done it with out him. Our dog always looked forward to being walked by Mark and I would reccomend him to anyone.
Pam T.

5/5 stars April 1, 2011 
Thank goodness for Mark and his very professional/caring Pet Service business. He has take such good care of my two Pups, BuddyBoy and PepperPot and I never have to worry about them when I can't get home in time to walk/feed them at a reasonable time. I highly recommend him to everyone. He is trustworthy, dependable, and very gentle with my Pups.
Sherre W.

5/5 stars March 31, 2011 
We've used Bear and Max's several times and been very happy with them.
Sarah E.